Weddings and Superstitions

I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” last night on TLC looking for inspiration for this blog. When the bride took her fiancé in to her dress appointment she stated “that she did not care if he saw the dress before the wedding day because he wouldn’t remember what it looked like anyway.”

There are so many superstitions around weddings; the groom can’t see the bride’s dress until the wedding, you have to wear something old, something new, and something blue, the list goes on. So when I was watching an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC last night, I started thinking, how important are those superstitions today?

The history of a lot of these superstitions date back to ancient times when it was believed that young couples were especially susceptible to bad luck and evil spirits. No one knows why it is bad luck for the bride to be seen in her wedding gown before the ceremony, or where most of these superstitions come from in the first place.

But how much does it matter you? Would you rather get the photos taken care of and out of the way before the ceremony? Or, does superstition weigh heavy for you and you wouldn’t dream of having the groom see you in your dress before the ceremony? You tell me!

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