I received a different kind of save the date card in the mail yesterday. It was a magnet with a photo of the bride and groom on the magnet. It did not have a lot of to it, the bride and groom’s name, the words, “Save the Date”, and then the date of their nuptials. I thought it was cute, and different. Granted, it may go in the trash after the actual wedding, but then again, it may not. For me, magnets are the one souvenir that I don’t mind. So I started wondering what else you could plaster your face on in order to “personalize” your wedding, and I couldn’t believe what I found.

Did you know that for a fee, $5-$10 dollars per sheet, plus postage, you can put you and your fiancé’s photo on the stamps for your save the date card or actual invitation? Check it out at Or that as a favor for the guests you can give them a “personalized” bottle of wine that has a label with you and your fiance’s photo on it. Find an example here:

My point is, if you google “personalized wedding…” whatevers, about twenty different options drop down. Personalized Wedding napkins, invitations, favors, stickers, ribbons, cake toppers, and even vows showed up on the list. So how “personal” is all of this stuff, and is it worth it to spend money on items that you may find cute, but your guest may dispose of the next day? I’m not sure how I feel about this. Let me know your thoughts…

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