Handy Dandy Tools

When it comes to seating charts, the confusion we see most often is the bride’s lack of communication to the caterer regarding table seating.

Often, a caterer will arrive at the Pavilion two hours ahead of the bride, and wonder why we have two more tables out than necessary for the final number of guests reported by the bride. The answer is often simple…

The bride has thoughtfully and delicately done place settings that involve tables of 5 or 6 guests at some instead of a full 8. But failed to communicate this to the caterer – who, by the time she arrives, has already removed the “extra” tables, causing confusion and sometimes anger.

You can avoid this scenario by giving your caterer not only a head count – but a table layout.

Masters of Reception” is one of TLC’s newest reality dramas involving two NJ venues and the pretzles the staff turn themselves into to accommodate brides’ requests behind the scenes. It’s amusing, though a bit too real for me, to watch. Their website is infinitely more helpful than the show, chocked full of tools and tips brides, including this handy dandy, interactive seating chart planner.

seating chart sample

Just plug in the names, save, print and give copies to your venue, caterer, and anyone else who could benefit from understanding the whys and wherefores of your table assignments. Oila. No more confusion, or upset brides.


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