Your Hair vs. Your Mother

My reference in the previous post about not letting my mother near my hair combined with an email from the WeddingChannel featuring a gallery of current wedding hair trends got me thinking more about all that is wedding hair.


One of my least favorite memories from my wedding is washing my hair three times and using about a half bottle of conditioner and a wide-toothed comb trying desperately to rinse all the goop out of my hair. I have baby fine hair, and despite my desire to leave it as I usually wore it – long and straight – my mother insisted on using curlers and lots of hair spray. (Think “Dallas” before JR was shot and you’ll have a good visual of what my hair ended up looking like.)

This wasn’t something new…since the sixth grade, she’s insisted that I had to have a perm in order to give my hair more body, as if fine hair was a genetic trait that I willingly chose to annoy her. Luckily my middle and high school years took place during the era of Madonna as Material Girl, so it worked. Not so much as my wedding in 1996.

Anyways, one of the themes rapidly emerging in this blog is crafting a wedding around who you are…Your wedding will be so much more memorable and authentic if the details ring true to the choices you’d make on a daily basis about your favorite things, from music to colors.

Not that my hair wasn’t memorable…to this day my husband remembers being more shocked than blissfully delighted by the tightly woven curls I was sporting when I emerged from the bridal dressing room. Ladies, this is not what you want your future husband remember years down the road.

So take care, don’t let your mother near your hair, and insist that everything from shoes to hair clips be a style that’s your own.


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