The Groom really does matter.

At my own wedding, I didn’t pay much attention to, nor put effort and time into what my then-fiance wore, or what his groomsmen wore. I picked a color for their vests, but that was about it. I viewed it as one more chore to check off the list prior to our wedding day. That was a mistake.

I told my husband the other night that if I had it to do over again, there are so many things I’d do differently…beginning with not letting our parents be so involved in details that should’ve reflected our tastes and style, but ended up being theirs. I’d also go with a chic, tea-length dress with dark turquoise accents and funky shoes this time around, and not let my mother near my hair.

I’m getting off track – but see, brides, this is how it happens! You start thinking details and all of a sudden it’s about your dress, your hair, your jewelry…The guys get all but forgotten. At the Silverthorne Pavilion, we give hundreds of tours each year, and toward the tail end of the summer wedding season, swear we’ve seen it all – the crazy, the wild, the insane.

One thing that’s constant is the guys. Most grooms don’t ask questions or have much input. Typically, when a bride asks “What do you think, honey?” the groom will respond “It’s up to you…whatever makes you happy.” Which, I must say, is a great way to start a marriage.

Except that half the details get overlooked. Back to my original point…I knew nothing about menswear, and my husband didn’t really care what the tuxes looked like, the color of the vests, etc.

I ran across an advertorial from Men’sWarehouse in a magazine recently, and thought it had some great suggestions for choosing tuxes – from the style to the color to getting them fitted and reserved. The retailer even goes so far as to send you a swatch card for free upon request.


I was not only impressed that a store would so generously offer such robust tips, but also in the tools themselves. So take advantage of them – and remember that the groom and his men represent half of the party!



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