Cake glorious cake.

I love TLC’s show “Cake Boss.”

Maybe it’s because I’m eight months pregnant (I actually had a dream after watching a “Cake Boss” episode marathon that I was the blessed, over-indulged recipient of Buddy’s pastry sampler), or maybe it’s because watching a neurotic bride destroy her cream-colored wedding cake with tubes of primary-colored icing while Buddy was in another room is the reality TV train wreck we can’t look away from.

Regardless of the reason, the cakes are amazing works of art that have changed the way I think about bakers. Just watch this engagement cake come together:

Besides making me yearn for the opportunity to run my finger through the icing and delve fork-first into the center of the cake, it got me thinking about all the opportunities couples have to express themselves and infuse their personalities into every aspect of their wedding.

Whether or not you’re into drama-filled reality TV shows, I think the one thing to take away from watching Buddy and his crew produce these magnificent creations is not to let yourself be inhibited by tradition, other people’s opinions, or bridal magazines. Your wedding day is the one day when every decision is yours, and no one can argue (don’t get me started on my addiction to “Bridezillas.”)

So take full advantage of it! Have your cake and eat it, too.



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