When in doubt – ASK!

This article on About.com caught my attention as I was surfing the rudimentary articles about the latest dresses and hairstyles because it made me chuckle. Here at the Pavilion, we give an average of 10 site tours a week, and spend triple those hours on the phone with brides who have booked with us answering questions.

Here’s the thing – ladies, mothers, planners – you’re not annoying us by asking questions. In fact, we prefer you ask us all the details instead of just making assumptions that can turn a small thing (like the fact that we don’t have an outdoor PA system) into a giant thing on the day of the wedding.

We understand that in the search for your perfect venue, you may take 2, 5, 10 site tours, and – particularly in the early stages of planning – it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the decisions and details ahead of you, and to get the facts about each venue confused.

In looking through the article about questions to ask, we do try to build many of those answers into our tours (including the fact that there are eight stalls in the ladies room – which usually makes most brides and accompanying fiances think I’m a bit weird for mentioning). My suggestion? Take notes!

And once you’ve decided on your venue, work with us to refine your notes with your specific needs. We’d rather you schedule a second tour or conference call with us to go over some of the specifics than have you be disappointed in the end.


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