Wedding Favors

The concept of a wedding favor, or gift, comes from the belief that the bride and groom are connected to some good luck or fortune and that everything that they touch will be blessed with that same good fortune. So by receiving a gift from the charmed couple, that same good luck and good fortune is passed on to the guests.

Today wedding favors have become a way for the couple to thank their guests for celebrating their new life together, a way to show gratitude for attending. Favors today vary greatly depending on culture, budget, theme, or interests of the couple. Favors today range from a dressed up place card, to a baby sapling tree, to personalized bottles of wine, the possibilities are endless.

I come from the South and a common wedding favor in that region of the country is a koozie cup for all guests to take home. They are moderately priced; you can purchase about 200 koozies with your personalized message for around $260. They can be simple and straight forward, or you can add personal designs, logos and even photographs. Next time your guest goes for a cold one, they’ll think of all the fun they had on your special day!



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